Fruitful Sex was created two decades ago, with the message to wait before engaging in love or sex for a devine connection.

The twenty-first century of "anything goes" re-addresses the brand, "Fruitful Sex".

Here at Fruiful Sex we are much pickier and selective!

We value ourself and seek a meaninful connection.

Michelle Messina, creator of Fruitful Sex, truly believes in Love but with that One!

"Dont' waste time with the stand in!"

Be selective and respectiful, making our words count and know a committed oath is .....forever!

Faith in finding a true match avoids years of pain, unwanted marriages, divorse, and chidlren being torn between two parents homes!

Or in some tragic cases abortion.

Get to know someone truly before intimacy so to not taints your views and values!

This brand reminds you of what really matters and to put forth the effort to attract what is truly meant for you!

The 70's were a perfect example of this! Women became independant and realized thier worth,

that they could make better choices in their every day life and in a partner!

Ideals about relationships and marriage changed drasticly. Men quickly learned that they should appreciate a woman...or else!

Fruitful Sex is fruitful!


The journey of the brand bears the values stemmed from the movie!

T-shirts Logo: Avoid Temptation!


Fruitful Sex t-shirts are colourful bearing the words Fruitful Sex with "Avoid temptation" in flames. We are all intreged by temptation, but when our gut makes us feel deep down that this is wrong, it usually is wrong.

A person wearing Fruitful Sex apparel, knows what they want and is patient in wait for ripe pickings!

They are cool and instincially know what is right from wrong to bear a fruitful result! mm 2010

For those that children are not in the cards! More reason to be selective and put your energy in things that matter.

Michelle Messina makes Fashion News

Fruitful Sex in the twentieth century

retells the famous words every mother tells her daughter, "WAIT!" ... in a creative way! Michelle Messina thought of the concept and shot the film in 1998. The 3 minute film carried serious weight and was accepted to many film festivals. Michelle traveled through-out North America with her film and made it to Universal Studios for the film awards. This short animation was 1 of 7 animated films representing the international program, at the prestigous Florida Film Festival with the award gala at Universal Studios.

Good things never come easy! At the peak of Michelle's success, her trademark "Fruitful Sex" was approved by The Canadian Trademark Office, which caught the attention of Fruit of the Loom who opposed her trademark name "Fruitful Sex".

A six year battle began...After the first year into the case (In December of 1999), billionaire Warren Buffet owner of Birshire Hathaway Inc. bought Fruit of the Loom for $835 million dollars cash. They continued to keep the case open even after Michelle Messina provided documentation that she is an independant filmmaker and that she contacted them back in 1998 for sponsorship for 20 t-shirts for her world premiere at the Toronto International Short Film Festival which they refused.

Michelle's commitment, perseverance, and patience eventually won her the case in 2006, and the trademark "Fruitful Sex" was sealed with final approval. Now, she has a line of Fruitful Sex t-shirts, pens, posters, DVDs, and more fruitful items.

The film, the brand, the name Fruitful Sex stands for : 

Respect yourself and others
Restrain desires/temptation that can you lead you down the wrong path with regret
Patience - wait for fruit to ripen!
Stand for what you believe - and don't sell out!

Whatever you do make it fruitful!

"Fruitful Sex" is a reminder of good values. As a child, Michelle's grandmother told her to wait for the right guy. Michelle's mother said, "find the right guy". Let's face it, most guys seem like the right guy in the first few weeks!

"I wanted to retell the values my family have instilled in me and communicate this message in a creative way to young girls ", says Michelle. The Fruitful Sex experience is rewarding helping one to realize the importance of waiting which leads to a path of No Regrets! 
This is a decision that could affect your entire life."

Give it a try!


Young women everywhere are taking the oath about waiting,

it is not just a Fruitful Sex is much more.

"I Vow Not Now" was a great example of women that signed up to wait.

After two years a dating site purchased the site! I guess sales were down!

It's this kind of dumbed down integrity that is lost and cheapens a societies value system and meaning!

Movies these days seldom have any values, it's time to take back our life and your minds!

Women hold your power....stop giving it up....especially for free! You have value and so does your future life. You have one, make the right decisions.

Purchase a Fruitful Sex shirt to

show that you mean it!

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